I have edited over a hundred books and written ad copy and training materials for clients such as Microsoft, Corel, Novell, and Provo Craft as a freelance writer for BrainStorm. I specialize in editing cookbooks, organizing personal histories, and writing training materials.

Below is a sampling of the types of projects I work on. Click on an image to view a sample of the project, if available. Check out my name as editor and/or typesetter on the copyright page!

Technical Editing
Editing high-level content with complicated tables and graphics doesn’t phase me. While working on my bachelor’s I interned at the Western North American Naturalist as an editorial assistant, managing the academic review process, editing, and working with BYU Press to print and distribute this academic journal. Since then, creating and editing computer software training materials has been my bread and butter.
GWAVA manual
Academic journal

Non-Fiction Editing
Blatant mistakes in a resume, blog, website, brochure, or book scream that its not professional, either because you dont know or dont care that its there. But theres a whole world beyond just misspellings and misplaced commasI can edit whatever youve written to heighten focus and readability.
Blogs and websites
Personal histories

Beyond Oatmeal
Stick of Butter Cookbook
Girlfriends on the Go

Self-Improvement and Instruction   
Its Okay to Take a Nap
LDS Card Designs
Girls Camp Made Easy
Nobodys Better Than You, Mom
Winning the War Against Debt
The Twelve Days of Christmas

Adventures with the 
Word of God
Mothering with Spiritual Power

Doctrinal Insights

Fiction Editing 
Aspiring or experienced author? I started my career as an in-house editor for Cedar Fort Publishers. Managing books through the publication process from first edit to final product and working closely with authors has given me plenty of experience with every stage of the book production process.

Heaven Scent
On a Whim
The Crayon Messages

Childrens Books         
The Apple Trees of Tschlin
Teeny Tiny Talks
    One of my areas of expertise is writing training materials. I have worked as a freelance technical writer for BrainStorm since 2008, creating both marketing and training materials. BrainStorm is an official partner of Microsoft, Novell, Corel, and GWAVA, and produces a variety of training materials.
    Gypsy User Manual

    Quick Start Cards

    The Productivity Hub
    a Microsoft TechNet blog
    QuickHelp video scripts

    Layout and Page Design
    As an editor for Cedar Fort and freelancer for Covenant Communications, BrainStorm, and individual authors, I use Adobe Illustrator and InDesign to create and/or apply page designs for published books and manuals, ebooks, personal histories, and training materials. 

    Typesetting/Page Design
    Diamonds are Forever
    I Am Not Wolf
    Reasonable Doubt