Services and Pricing

If its in writing, it probably needs editing! I provide a full range of editing services for any type of writing:
  • Proofreading/copy editing: includes fixing thsmall picture stuff such as misspellings, typos, punctuation, capitalization, and consistent style.
  • Substantive editing: includes fixing the big picture stuff such as restructuring and rewriting to enhance readability, chapter organization, plot, character development, verb tense, and point of view.
Depending on the size of the project, I usually include a free summary of common edits I made to your document, along with a style guide if I created one for the document, so that you can improve your own writing.

Need something written?
  • resumes 
  • blogs and website content 
  • newsletters and brochures 
  • training materials
  • personal histories/memoirs

Check out my portfolio page for samples of my work. To get a free estimate on what your particular project will cost, email me a sample at

Once I’ve seen a sample of your project, we’ll discuss your needs, budget, and estimates. I’ll keep you updated if it looks like the project will take more time than expected so you’ll never get a big surprise when you see the final invoice.